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Participation in some workshops of writing, of which some for children in the schools.

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"Plume en mouvement"  detail © Copyright L.dSM

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(Texte suivant écrit en Français : " bi-eaux-graphie" de L.dSM < cliquez, retour assuré.

"Rather than recreating what I see, I prefer to interpret what I perceive. It is necessary to be at least two in one to make an artistic creation. One who builds and one who sees. The ideal would be that each "reader" could recreate the painting, the poem, or any other form of art, with his own intonations, his past, the movements of his/hers inner soul waves. The second thunderbolt strike has more importance than the first, it is the one which remains alive.

Henri Matisse French painter (1869-1954), entrusted to the artists who were describing their works: "A painting is not conceived with words. To express it that way is limiting the horizon of who is looking at it, a way of cutting his wings."
That is why when I am asked what I wanted to exactly express in my paintings, I prefer to open up with some questions which would relate a bit to the asking.

Creation itself, is born out of the guts, continues its rise to the heart, excites the intelligence (a supplement of the intelligence of the heart, not a replacement). It takes then, height if any possible, together with humility. The author has no certainty at all of the outcome.

To be an artist, it is to be an eternal beginner in constant search for balance, harmony of the sound and the direction of our senses.
It is desirable to practice this search with tenacity, pleasure, passion, in constant demand for perfection.
That be a wash drawing or art glaze, or a painting achieved with a knife, wrist anchored on the fabric, it is absolutely necessary it causes in the final analysis, a motion, a hint of a smile, alive and ready to be shared.
It is not a question that would relate to me to make art for art's sake.

Poetry, painting... I look at the quill pen or the brush... I know that I can come to end only in spite of myself. It is like a conscience, a turmoil. The light melts into the evident obscurity of painting. Painting starts when what one sees has nothing to do with what one looks at.

The wheel turns, I make a patchwork of scraps and tend to read "ourselves."
Certain lives are spelling themselves within, in which I find in myself fragmented.

I know only your words, pencils of sun, those which thread between the shade and the light its mysterious side.
Through life difficulties, the flow of my brushes foams on the fine stone of your glances. The box of faces slipping into my pocket, I push life at my measure, and untie simply its cord with a voice... "

L. de Sainte-Maréville

Laurence de Sainte-Maréville

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Autisme 1 : © création de L.dSM

Autisme 1 (Autism 1) © L.dSM

Autisme 2 : © création de L.dSM

Autisme 2 (Autism 2) © L.dSM

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